What Makes A Good Drywall Job? Using The Right Type And Sizes Of Drywall For Your Project

May 26, 2014 No comments yet

Drywall is the skin of a building, fastened over the bones of its framework; it can help conceal defects in the framing when well done, but a poor drywall job will not only reveal defects, but create the appearances of flaws on a perfect structure. Drywall, also known as sheetrock, took the place of plaster […]

Advantages of Drywall and How It Is Faster Than Plaster

April 17, 2014 No comments yet

Drywall plaster is just another name for joint compound. This material is mostly used in construction sites and for house remodeling projects. Drywall is used to fill in holes on wall and repair wall damage. It contains limestone, expanded perlite, attapulgite and ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer. This chemical combination gives drywall a smooth and creamy texture, […]

Drywall Tips – Video

July 19, 2009 No comments yet

This gentleman offers some great tips, however for all your DIY’ers out there finishing drywall is a real skill that is difficult to learn over a weekend.  Often we find ourselves repairing weekend DIY’ers work and sometimes it’d be cheaper if we done the work from the beginning.  I am all for everyone saving money […]