Common Services Offered by Commercial Drywall Companies

Unlike other materials such as wood, drywall has great fire resistance qualities. It contains water in the form of hydrates making it the ideal choice for creating walls in areas where bush fires are common. If you would like to have drywall installed at home, you should hire a professional contractor with years of experience. Besides drywall installation, such companies also offer the following services:

Acoustic Wall Installation

If you live in an urban center, it is almost impossible to find a quiet place where you can relax or work in peace. Fortunately, you can hire a drywall company to install wall panels at home or your office. Acoustic wall panels will also come in handy if you run a business such as a sound studio or a theatre where noise can interfere with the quality of work produced by artistes. It is important to note that drywall panels generally come in a wide range of colors and sizes. As such, you should look for panels that complement the d├ęcor in your home.

Commercial Drywall Companies Can Install T-bar Ceiling

T bar ceilings are secondary ceilings that usually hang below the main ceiling. In most cases, builders use such ceilings to enhance and complement a building’s architectural design. They also have a functional purpose because one can install a HVAC unit in the space (plenum space) above a T-bar ceiling. Alternatively, one can use this space to conceal electrical wiring or even ductwork. If you wish to put such space into good use, a drywall company with experience handling such projects can install a T-bar ceiling that meets your specifications.

Fiber Reinforced Panel Installation

One of the most common problems with typical drywall panels is they can sustain serious damage when exposed to water. This means drywall is not the ideal material for creating interior walls in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. However, fibre reinforced panels repel water making them ideal for installing in areas where water is widely used such as car wash bays and restaurant kitchens. You can even scrub the walls to remove grime or dirt without causing any damage. Once again, these walls come in various colors to ensure you install panels that match other appliances in a room.

Drywall Finishing

Besides installation, a drywall company can undertake drywall finishing. It is important to note that an expert in drywall construction will consider a homeowner’s or commercial building owner’s preference when carrying out finishing. Some finishing styles that will make your building stand out include mudding, sanding, taping, as well as sealing or priming. You may also be unaware that it is possible to paint drywall. Only a professional with a good grasp of the intricacies involved in drywall installation and finishing can give you the right advice on this front.

Exterior Insulated Finish Systems Installation

The interior of a building is not the only place where you should focus. You should also focus on the exterior. For example, you could install exterior insulated finish systems (E.I.F.S). In general, these systems consist of layers of fiberglass mesh, acrylic stucco finish, foam insulation, and a cementitious base coat. Such a system can help a building retain heat during the cold winter months. This translates to savings on heating costs.

In summary, whether you are a residential homeowner or a commercial building owner, you could benefit a lot by using the services of a drywall company. Such a company could install acoustic wall and ceiling panels in your home office giving you a quiet place where you can work undisturbed by children or passing cars. Other services offered by commercial drywall companies in Toronto include installation of T-bar ceiling and fibre reinforced panels.