Toronto DrywallersWe specialize in doing drywall installation, drywall repair & related services to drywall like: framing, drywall taping, metal framing, acoustical ceiling tiles, etc.

If it’s not related to drywalling then we DON’T do it.

Why? Because we believe that if you want to be the best at something you have to focus.  Yes, we are handy and can do tons of other renovations, but we are not the best at everything, we are only the best at drywall repair & installation.

People who hire us usually feel that professionalism goes a lot further than cheap pricing.  We are not the cheapest and we are not the most expensive. However, we do stand 100% behind our work.  Much of our business comes from referrals and we think that says something about us.

“Professional workmanship lasts years longer than the sweetness of the lowest price.”

Choosing a good renovation contractors is a serious decision that you want to make sure you have crossed all your “t’s” and dotted all your “i’s” before committing to an agreement.   We know all too well that there is a ton of snake oil out there.  We know this because often we are repairing another contractors shady work.

The fact is: We are more interested in educating you then trying to make a “fast buck”.  We believe that once you are fully educated on all the ‘pros and cons’, we can decide together on the best decisions for your project needs.

Making sure you have the best drywall renovation with the lowest possible rates for your project needs can be difficult to figure out and it is a major commitment. We don’t want you to regret your decision two weeks or five years down the road, so we will work with you to insure that you are totally satisfied.

Our Guarantee’s are:

  1. Treat you with integrity – No Hidden Fees.
  2. No-obligation estimates.
  3. All work 100% guaranteed!
  4. Show up when we say will show up.
  5. Stay on time & on budget.

You bring me your needs and your budget and we will offer a fair & competitive estimate.  We don’t just want to hire us, we want you to hire us and then refer us!

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